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Try These Simple Social Media Marketing Tips to Start Selling Fast

With most of the internet users and consumers fitting into an active social media bracket, most businesses today need to connect and click with the customer to sell. And regularly using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest can land you sky rocketing conversions and leads.

This is essentially what social media marketing is about- striking a personal chord with the consumer and then building your brand reputation on that. Since this type of marketing is intricate and vast, here are some tips to easily get those products and services selling like hot cakes-

1. Get Blogging

Words of Social Media and Blogging on Blackboard

Most companies have a dedicated blog option on their official website, integrated with social widgets to boost popularity. Create a web page dedicated to a company blog, with about 3 posts per week. Regularly updating your blog will put you on top of search engine results, because the visibility will be higher.

Your keyword count matters, as Google ranking favors long articles with a minimum of 300 words. After you start creating posts, enable social media plug-ins to share them on those platforms. When more users start viewing them on social pages, they will likely start sharing the posts as well.

Take notes- The biggest deal breaker of your blog success is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) incorporated within your content. These optimized keywords when placed strategically (such as in the title, meta descriptions, alt text and header) allow the ease of search engine spiders to craw through your website. By placing the important keywords on the top of your content, you are enlisted on the first few Search Engine Result Pages.

2. Social media presence

social media branding

If you look closely, even entrepreneurs and start-ups at their beginning stage have started making the most of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is because these platforms give you the opportunity to consistently advertise and build a footing for your brand.

Take notes- So go ahead and create a Facebook page, start posting photographs on Instagram and shooting 140-word jingles on your Twitter handle. Remember to share blog posts, content on offers, contests and product related news to keep your users engaged. Remember- the increase in user interaction, more referrals and most conversions!

3. Stretch On The Marketing Strategies

twitter strategy

Without a plan in hand to gain social media followers and convert them into buyers, your SEO content alone is not going to get you far. The very mandatory requirement in your strategy is to be active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other platform.

Take notes- Your business brand’s social media page must firstly have a target number of posts per day. This could cover anything from new products/services, blog post links, news related to interrelated product themes, etc. Maximize on visuals along with one or two liner texts to catch the customer attention. You can also capitalize on trending news by checking out hashtags on Twitter and incorporate it if they match your brand philosophy.

Secondly, incorporate a social media management system (like Hootsuite) to manage your posts, track analytics and popular keywords/topics that gain you maximum clicks.

Thirdly, get your customer service ante up and kicking. A brand strategy that was personally observed on Twitter was starting conversations with users directly, based on their location and interests (with calls to action, of course!) Such tactics work well because the user feels like they are receiving individual attention and are more likely to check out your service.

Finally, try sponsoring your posts on the topmost part of the newsfeed, as seen on Instagram and Twitter for maximum visibility and conversion rates. This is done through interest based advertising.

4. The Collaboration Charm

blogger collab

To witness the influence and potential of this marketing strategy, you should check out Instagram. Bloggers are collaborating with several brands (recent examples of Global Desi and Samsung Gear S2 campaigns), ideally fitting in with the target audience they want to reach out to.

Take notes- This strategy works well in favor of many businesses, because the consumers seek out and pay attention to trusted bloggers buying options. And by collaborating with them through sending trial products or goodies, you earn not just their vote of confidence but also prompt them to review (and hence promote) your product.

Another collaboration strategy is to host free giveaways of your products with the blogger, which reaches out to a wide audience and can snowball the campaign into a much bigger audience gaining tools.

5. In it to Win it-Social media contests

Social Media Giveaway

Everyone likes winning and getting some rewards out of it. So why not make the most of it and convert prospects into buyers?

Take notes- This tactic is simple- when you host a giveaway or a contest on your social media page with the promise of a ‘super-duper product’ for free, users are bound to start checking out your brand and services.

With traffic hence directed to your business, you can ask them to follow or subscribe in order to participate and win- this is your ‘opt-in’ and ‘call to action’ rolled in one. Strategize this as follows- retweet to win on Twitter; like, share and comment on Facebook; tag and repost on Instagram; etc.

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