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These 4 Cross Channel Marketing Tips Will Have You Generating High Conversions

Advertisements are everywhere, to entice and pull customers across multiple platforms. This, in one line, is what multi-channel marketing is all about. Popping up as mobile ads while using apps, turning up as Google Ads on your computer browser and as 30 second videos on your TV screen- this is the era of advertising.

While using this multi-channel approach seems simple enough, an integrated aspect of it called cross channel marketing- is what actually pushes the sales through.

Quick Intro

Cross channel marketing not just markets or sells the product to the consumers, but also interacts with them across various platforms.

Let me illustrate this better with an example- When a customer saves a product to the cart on your ecommerce website but does not complete the purchase process, you are left in limbo. What is going to make them click that ‘Pay now’ button? Yep, it’s cross channel marketing to the go, using ad retargeting on another device.

Here’s How to Go About

Your business could be generating so many bucks if you follow these cross channel marketing tips from us:

1. Know Your Channels

cross channels

First things first, here are the marketing channels that will yield you the best conversion rates and highest sales for your business-

  • Email.
  • Social media- Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram.
  • Broadcast media such as TV, Radio.
  • Telecommunication- SMS, WhatsApp.

Knowing the peak times for each channel’s marketing helps immensely, for example- mobile and computer targeted advertising has maximum potential during office hours (9 am to 5 pm), while prime time sales during late evenings happens via TV advertising and mobile communication.

Similarly, content should be accordingly shared keeping the device in use. Images with little text and small videos get the most number of consumer views. These should be integrated across social media platforms as given above.

2. Go crazy over consumer data

consumer data

Gather up your consumer data statistics such as demographics (age, gender, location), the most frequently visited web pages/sections of your business website, the peak time of sales generation, what sales/offers has the most effective turnover, etc. And you can track all these data across various platforms by using analytics software (Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, etc).

A tweak that can turn out profitable for your business is when you ask consumers to supply their own data while checking out your product/service, much like an opt-in form. This is better than captured consumer data because it brings in direct interest ad targeting and high conversion.

3. Creating consistent message & channel setups

branding message22

The branding for your business website should essentially consist of a single message that is the same, communicated over the marketing channels you are using. Ensure that the content for each product or service that you are marketing flows from one channel to another, that is, inter-connection.

When using social media as effective marketing channels, try creating separate business pages for each major product or service. This makes marketing across each one seamlessly simple (eliminating organizational silo, to be technical) and the message gets across consistently too. Consumers will also find it easier to navigate and be aware of the products being marketed.

4. Content Crafted For the Consumer

content marketing

Not every customer is going to through all the information presented, and will look for quick solutions. When browsing, use ad retargeting such as pop ups or ads that stay on the sidebar when switching between channels- strictly for mobile and computer devices. The content should be easily consumable, such as- 20-30 second videos on Youtube or the TV, 140-word tweets, large images with powerful product related text, etc.

When your content is easy on the eyes and strikes an emotional note with the customer, it can even get more shares on social media platforms! An example for this indirect customer interactivity (which speaks to them) is Anouk’s video advertisement titled ‘The Visit’ aired on Facebook, Youtube and the TV. By connecting with a current issue such as LGBT acceptance, people were curious to know this brand. Brand recognition is a recall step to high conversion, which you should definitely make a note of.

Ad recall is what the content should aim at, because it generates brand loyalty and consumer-to-consumer referrals. Imagine yourself to be the customer and use keywords that usually strike an immediate interest while browsing. Some examples of these sales generating keywords are sale, free, value, results, exciting, new, exclusive and so on.

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