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Here’s How Your Business Website Can Stand Out & Other Benefits

Hassle-free is exactly the user experience that website designers target and strive towards. With an urgent need to grab the average 4-6 second user attention span, businesses want the most functional website designed in a jiffy. Seemingly, readymade themes and templates make for the most viable and cost-cutting decision.

But with the crop of new businesses every day, websites designed for them look repetitive. Where is the distinctiveness to make you stand apart from the rest? The answer lies in customization. Our website designers in Chennai are all set to bring to you a customized website- one that is unique, optimized and lead worthy.

Let us take a tour of the advantages to having a customized business website design:

1. Search Engine Friendly


Custom templates for your website require difference in coding, which can be angled towards aiming at high page rankings. This SEO focus is the essence for any business to sell profitably, which can be achieved in designing a customized sitemap for better search engine crawling and indexing. Custom website templates also offer you the option of applying your own search engine marketing techniques for sky high conversion rates.

Similarly, flexible landing page layouts, navigation and other functions can be included in a custom website as per your requirement for staying search engine relevant.

2. Different from the rest

While generic templates offer you free or cheap designs to pick from, they also bring in the redundancy factor. This means that your business website might look as similar as your competitor. so how is that any good for your brand?! By creating a custom theme and templates from scratch, you are creating a brand identity at a deeper level.

Your user interface, user experience, visual appearance and navigation can be taken up notches with higher technical upgrades. This can only spell progress, because newer website functions might just get your web pages listed on top of Google!

3. Feature Rich


Want to be more active on social media, by including widgets for checking out the official brand page on Facebook? Or how about adding plug-ins for SEO and analytics, in order to bring in ease of tracking your sales? Customization (like services of our website designers in Chennai) will bring in the implementation of these features and more for client connections, tracking progress and growing your business.

4. Under Your Control


Customized websites give you control on the overall branding solutions- from coding to the responsive design aspect. As a business, you also have the choice of creating a custom website with coding for integrating a Content Management System (CMS) and maintaining blogs. Your business website also looks very professional, with non-repetitive design elements and option of creating unique side bars, landing pages, navigation and so on.

5. Scalability

A good business website is one which can handle all kinds of workload, which is what scalability refers to. By opting for customization, (which our website designers in Chennai offer, BTW!) the scale of your business- small, medium or large- can handle expansion of software and hardware, database, request rates, etc. By integrating social media networks and ecommerce, your business website can fledge out to the maximum. Also, scalability as offered by customization prevents the redesigning of your site to fit in with revised software upgrades and guidelines.

6. 24*7 Support


While a readymade template offers you quick measures to develop your website, additional services have to be purchased time and again. By choosing customization, you may have to invest more but your return on investment is high. Add to this stable maintenance and support, since customization requires regular checking for the tailored programming base. Back-end support for emergencies, back-ups and systematic updates are some perks of custom website designing that Cartystudios offers you.

By consideration of the above, you could be the next business giant online.

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