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Here’s Why You Should Choose WordPress for Your Ecommerce Website

Before we jump head long into this article, you as a savvy businessman or businesswoman should most definitely know what WordPress is. For those who don’t know, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is used for developing websites. It is based on PHP and MySQL scripting, for user interactivity and database management.

In most cases, WordPress has the rep for being used predominantly in blogging. But changes over the past months have seen the open source (free for all, yay!) platform bringing in major developments. WooCommerce entered the ecommerce development sphere and ushered in several beneficial features. WordPress is used for powering 60 million websites the world over, after all.

Though most people prefer Magento and Joomla to build ecommerce websites, experts (like our website developers in Chennai) would instead recommend developing a WordPress based one.

So, why are we pushing the envelope for WordPress and ecommerce development? See for yourself-

1. Plenty of Themes & Plug-Ins

plug in

Choose from the variety of templates and plug-ins to implement for your ecommerce website. Or even better, create your customized one from scratch! With WordPress being an open source platform, the coding can be newly written by any experienced web developer to modify it to your business requirements without really changing the core software.

Themes in WooCommerce can be played around with, each one offering some unique functionality. You can work around the preset CSS for styling, programming and voila- you have a customized ecommerce website theme!

Plus, you can add extensions such as a readymade/customized social media widget to get those sales numbers rocketing sky high!

2. Content Friendly


Any ecommerce website needs a sound content board to click through, and SEO is the focus word here. Since WordPress is a content management system, you can create the richest content with suggestions for SEO keywords and placement; and meta tag and title tag suggestions for ranking high on search engine page results. You can also integrate a SEO plug-in for setting up your keywords, creating a XML sitemap for search engine indexing and garnering high web traffic.

You must also know- WooCommerce has a marketing-friendly content tool called Conditional Content. This helps in displaying text, images or any advertising material through your ecommerce store when products under similar prices, categories or other criteria are saved into the cart. For example- You must have noticed how messages such as ‘Purchase for Rs ____ to avail free shipping/freebie’ shows up? Yep, that’s what conditional content looks like.

3. Flexibility in Access

You as the business owner have all the access to modify the content and products in your ecommerce store front. You can add, edit and delete products by categories, prices, catalog, stock, etc. You can work with classification and management of product vendors, grouping products, managing catalogs, adding options such as customization and pre-booking, etc.

Managing your inventory gets easier too, as you can control the stock period of products, track stock levels, hide the out-of-stock products, etc. Shipping options such as billing and shipping address validation, shipping by country, charges levied, source of shipping, shipment tracking etc can also be integrated using WooCommerce in WordPress.

WooCommerce also carries an advantage that other hosted store options lack- organizing elements across several web pages the way you want to.

4. Analytics


It is very important to keep a track of your sales records and the knowledge of ‘when, what, why and who’ of products. WooCommerce’s inbuilt analytics system allows business owners to access the sales orders, web traffic details, products and catalog summary, track growth and sales periodically, etc.

WooCommerce also has integration with third party applications as extensions and plug-ins, with ‘Google Analytics by Yoast’ being very popular. This plug-in enables the analyzing of data per product and as a total, such as sales revenue, keeping a tab on transactions, conversions, and order values. This can be checked on an hourly to monthly basis.

You can also check out how much time a customer even spends on each product page as well, which basically helps in analyzing the sales trends.

5. Payment Integration


An integral part of the sales process is the final payment made from the user end to the business. This is seamless incorporated through payment gateway channels, which can be dependent on third party applications as well as inbuilt features.

WooCommerce in WordPress makes the shopping cart checkout easier- with currency options, optional guest checkout, specific URLs as per each country, location based support for auto filling in address and calculating shipping with taxes, choosing from payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery and Paypal, etc.

6. Support Services


Installing, configuring and using WordPress and the WooCommerce extension are simple tasks. Since WordPress is self-hosted, it allows you to stay as the owner of your data and make modifications as and when you feel. You can choose your own domain name and will not be levied with extra transaction fees.

For queries, support tickets can be raised through WooTheme for technical help and forms can be submitted for any sales related queries. There is a feature called Maintenance Mode in WooCommerce that allows you to display a message or redirect users to another web page for maintenance, with a set time and date countdown to normal restoration.

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