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Era Of The Smartphone: Why Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

Here’s what the ranks of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and the ecommerce website gang have in common-strong cross platform sales. Let us simplify this and explain what cross platform is. It hints at the use of applications and websites across a range of technological devices.
And ecommerce business on smartphones is the star of the era, seen as handy mobile applications to stores on social media platforms such as Instagram. Before we begin full throttle, let us have a quick introduction to the subject.


Q: What is this responsive web design we’re talking of?
A: Responsive web design is the seamless design of applications and websites for usability across all technological devices.

Q: Wait, isn’t cross platform the same as responsive web design?
A: The answer to that is simple- they are interrelated. While cross platform applies to the devices, responsive web design applies to designing your ecommerce website/application for those devices.

Without much ado, our website designers in Chennai and ecommerce developers in Chennai, tell you why your business will break the Internet sales vault with responsive web designing:

1. Improved User Experience


Imagine a potential customer visiting your ecommerce website on their five inch screen smartphone. While the consumer is able to search and find all categories listed easily on the personal computer of say 13 inches, they find that the website on the smaller-screened smartphone is a hassle. This could irritate the customer and he/she would just close the website/application, without further consideration.

What could be the potential reasons for this disaster to strike?

  • The website was stretched out or very cramped, requiring a lot of zooming in or out.
  • There was a lot of scrolling to do within the website/application.
  • The website/app took extra time to load on the smartphone, due to big image file sizes, video ads, etc.

This affects the navigability and usability of your ecommerce portal, which is never good for sales. Over here, my friend, responsive web design is a key to changing the situation above. Our website designers in Chennai ensure that the website fits all screen sizes, uses optimized file sizes, uses alt text for SEO and navigability. Which leads us to.

2. Higher Conversion


The same customer, for example, finds the navigability (structure and page layout) and usability on both devices (laptop and smartphone) to be almost similar after visiting another website/application. As a result of a responsive user interface (UI), a visiting customer would likely consider buying from the business. This way, the potential customer becomes a regular shopper, spelling higher conversion rates for your business.As stats go, only 2% would make a purchase at the very first, while 98% would probably visit it a few times before taking a plunge. With a responsive web design by our website designers in Chennai, your business could turn the 98% around in tide of your favor.

Tips to ensure higher conversion rates through responsive web design:

  • SEO keywords are placed in content upwards strategically, since the mobile screen is smaller and holds lesser content above the fold. This way, the search engines can crawl through the website/app and customer sees it first.
  • Sign-up and subscription options at the top, ensuring more visits.
  • One-click Testimonials or review options enabled near the product image, for validation.

Thus, the customer enjoys the user experience and your business benefits. Win-win, right?

3. Higher Visibility


Open any app store on a smartphone and you will witness an explosion of ecommerce applications. Or search for any product on Google, and you will see a plethora of ecommerce businesses selling the same. To stand out among the competitors, you need to bring something extra special to the table. Our website designers in Chennai and ecommerce developers in Chennai, trained in responsive web design, can help you with that.

To stand taller than other ecommerce websites, there should be great emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With responsive web design, the structure and page layout of the website/app for desktop and smartphone versions must:

  • Carry same dynamic URL for both versions.
  • Be Indexing friendly, by clear indication of the contents in both devices with pointed links.
  • Avoid unnecessary redirection by using different HTTP headers for the devices.
  • Have a fast loading time.

Following the above points can give your ecommerce business the best search engine results and sales ever. You’ll thank us later, for sure.

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