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Creating a New Website? Focus On Navigation!

It may seem like a small aspect to worry about, but website navigation is much more important in designing than known. You see, it has the potential to make your website look catchy, influence a customer liking or disliking your site, and the success of your day-to-day sales.

Why does navigation matter so much in your website design, you ask us. Essentially, your user will be on a quick search for product information and if they don’t find it, they just move on. To a competitor site that was just that bit smoother in guiding them towards what they were looking for.

Just paying attention to what our website designers in Chennai have to say will have you reaching out and checking if your site navigation is customer-friendly.

Why Website Navigation Is Important

Firstly, it has to be understood that navigation isn’t just scrolling up and down on your website. Navigation also translates into using the menu bar, above the fold design, landing pages and footer. The main purpose of this function is to guide your users and customers through your website, leading them to the information they seek as fast and smoothly as possible.

That said, our website designers in Chennai give you the low down on why website navigation matters-

a. Customer perception

customer perception

A flawlessly designed website or one with new and unique trends will have your immediate attention. And this isn’t just for its aesthetics, but for its user friendliness in access as well. For example, would you as a customer-

Look at a website that has a minimalist home page with minimal text on the above the fold design, sleek vertical bar on the side and navigation strip on top?


Website with plenty of text on the above the fold design, vertical and horizontal scrolling with navigation strip on top?

If you leaned towards the first option, you obviously prefer the more modern navigation trend which is equally easy on your eyes. While there is nothing absolutely wrong with option two, it does incorporate a no-no in website design these days- horizontal scrolling.

This was an example to illustrate what the modern day, internet savvy customer wants at the first glance- website which will give him product and content quickly.

b. Increase in sales

increased sales

We aren’t just saying this to get you to view more closely, because this is spot-on true. Imagine an ecommerce website which would be designed this way-

  • A mega drop-down menu with product categories sorted out.
  • The above the fold design carrying important features such as cart, login, subscribe, customer care number on top of the page, and
  • Vertical scrolling or dot navigation to move through the above the fold slider on the side,
  • Leading to landing pages with images and text, both carrying links.

This would be a neat design that would have most of the functions that the user or customer is looking for right on the first view. The customer would then be curious to browse because the layout is organized, easy to search and find products and easy to checkout.

c. High on SEO

site navigation seo

A well designed website navigation structure would also be search engine friendly, consisting of the following –

  • Navigation strip which carries different drop down menus, with interlinking to the main category.
  • Drop down menu with product categories, each carrying backlinks to the most widely searched or most important categories.
  • Footer with sitemap for indexing all web pages, so that the search engine can go through them and list them.
  • SEO content such as keywords, tags and titles on the heading, meta description and product pages for higher conversion.

To get this SEO friendly navigation structure in your website, you need to first study the keywords that customers most often search for and the keywords they use especially in site search. Building high converting pages towards the top of navigation gets you on the right track, and so does categorizing products under a specific service title.

Three Trending Navigation Types to Consider

While you have the standard navigation types such as drop down menus and graphics/icons to go through the website, here are three new navigation trends to check out (our website designers in Chennai sure are!) –

1. Navicon


The red box indicated is the navicon, by our website designers in Chennai

They present a simple design at the first look, but navicons are here to say because of the non-complexity in navigation they bring. When a navicon is clicked, it extends out to present a menu on the site. The advantages with this particular style of navigation is how they occupy minimal space on top and are off site (hence called hidden menus) but can pack in several links and categories. But when navicons are presented, it should be noted to design them for responsive websites as well.

2. Dot Navigation

dot navigation

The red box indicated is dot navigation, by our website designers in Chennai

These are signified by small dots which are usually placed vertically or horizontally on the site, acting as a slider menu. They are perfect for use in both desktop and mobile websites and applications because this is a unique presentation of the above the fold design. Homepages that carry dot navigation often use it as landing page designs, and they work best on full screened, minimalist website design.

3. Parallax Scrolling


The red box indicated is parallax scrolling, by our website designers in Chennai

This style of navigation involves creating a visual 3D depth effect, by moving foreground and background images at differing speeds. Many companies are capitalizing on this trend, which is a search-engine friendly version of flash websites without the heavy files. These have the added advantage of producing reduced bounce rates, because of having a one page scrolling design. They produce high conversion rates because of their engaging, storytelling aesthetic which keeps customers engaged and returning again. Plus, they are geared towards social sharing features too!

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